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Comprehensive Movement Screen

How Our Assessments Will Help You

  • Find the root cause of your injury or movement dysfunction
  • Learn to move more efficiently
  • Analysing the whole body not just the affected area.
  • Giving you a better picture of what areas need to be addressed. Most of the time it’s not just one issue.
  • Highly Trained Staff: Accredited Exercise Physiologists

What is a Comprehensive Movement Screen

Comprehensive Movement Screen (CMS) provides an in depth knowledge of your movement capacity, muscular and limb deficiencies/imbalances.

Our C.M.S and state of the art equipment combined with a detailed video analysis provides the foundation of helping understand & treat your injury.

Closely monitoring your movement retraining, helping you achieve greater range of pain free movement.

With the highest level of understanding towards exercise programming than any other profession, Exercise Physiologists can assist in sustainable outcomes not just the treatment of symptoms.


Want to learn how to move better, or rid yourself of injuries?

Your C.M.S will provide you with a report on each segment of your body tested to help you understand what areas need attention, and the specific exercises required to perfect your movement!

Book your Comprehensive Movement Screen with us today.

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