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About Our Student Athlete Program

  • Get involved in our year round program
  • Developing and fine tuning our future student athletes
  • Helping improve their power, speed, stability and injury prevention methods
  • Receive customised programs, expert training and advise
  • Theory & practical learning modules.

We have created this Student Athlete Program to help maximise:

  • Athletic performance
  • Injury prevention & treatment
  • Prolonging the athletes career
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Student Athlete Program

We believe the athlete mindset obtained from sports creates some of the brightest individuals within our community.

Growing up and playing sports, kids get used to being comfortable with being uncomfortable in a fun environment.

That is of course what training is about. Confronted with new challenging environments at a young age allows them to become versatile in their thought process.

We already know that movement is medicine for both the physical body and mind!

Why not perfect human movement.

Why Train With Us?

By enrolling into our student athlete program, you will receive the highest education both theoretical and practical towards improving athletic performance and movement capacity.

What’s the program about?

Our aspiring athletes put their bodies through a lot of strain both mentally and physically. When is the optimal time we should push our athletes to train at high demands, and when do we need to back off and lower their training volumes?

The answer is, each athlete grows and learns at different rates. Therefore our programs must meet the athletes stage of learning and ability. We find the best approach is to customise each program to the individual athlete.

Our Approach:

  • Foundational movements
  • Balance & stability
  • Muscle activation & strength training
  • Tumbling, running, jumping & landing techniques.
  • Power, speed, agility and complex movement patterns


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resisted sprint

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Phone: 0413 136 627

61/327 Mansfield St, Thornbury, VIC, 3071

Street parking available

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