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Our History


Mission Statement

Our History

Est. 2015

From humble beginnings to growth!

It started with a question and burning desire.

How do we position ourselves to positively impact and help people in our community?

Empower Health Concepts was realised by Husband and Wife duo Matt and Tabetha Majka.

Positioning ourselves as a leader in the healthcare and athletic performance scene was first and foremost. Being passionate is one thing, but combining that passion with the planning and execution is what differentiates service providers.

Matt felt there was a missing link that had not yet been explored enough in healthcare circles. “I wanted to successfully integrate innovative rehabilitation and athlete performance worlds into the services we provide. That sounds obvious but when you work in these sectors you see much separation between how these services are not cohesively implemented”.

Empower Health Concepts have since then built on their promise delivering these services in the form of in-house group and 1on1 consultations, running athlete academy and recovery programs at sports clubs and schools.

Mission Statement

Excellence in Rehab | Performance | Recovery

Our mission is simple, we aim to help you progress from rehabilitation to efficient movement.

Whether you are in need of functional movement or an aspiring athlete wanting to take your sport to the next level.

Our purpose is to give you the winning edge in athletic performance, injury treatment and movement recovery.

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