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Athlete Fitness Testing

What's involved?

  • Whole body fitness testing
  • Sprinting, agility, jumping, strength & cardio endurance
  • Full report analysis provided using normative data

Testing Benefits

  • Understanding your baseline fitness levels
  • Sense of purpose and accountability to your training
  • Learning how to translate your results to sporting performance
  • Tailored exercise programming
Get Tested!

It’s More Than Just Fitness Testing

Ever wonder why some people are so driven, and constantly getting better with their health, fitness and life in general?

Realising what drives you to take it up a notch is key.

In a lot of cases, it’s accountability and having a plan to work towards.

Fitness testing does just that. It’s something to strive towards each time you train. Then planning your exercise programming so it matches up with what you’re trying to achieve.

Whether it’s training in the gym, or improving your sporting performance. What you’re tested on, and how you program your exercise regime matters significantly!

Let is help you take your health and performance to the next level.

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