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Rubix Plyometrics

Rubix Plyometrics will help with improving:

  • Vertical Leap
  • Explosive Power
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Quickness
  • Training for Sporting Events

What Can I Expect:

Athlete Fitness Testing:

  • Individualised sports testing results
  • Identify muscular & limb deficiencies/imbalances
  • Athlete fitness ratings relevant to your sport, age & gender

Movement Screen:

  • Assess and reduce injury risk and inefficient movement
  • Identify the root cause of dysfunction to improve movement biomechanics

Small Group Classes:

  • 1 hour duration small group classes
  • Proper warm: muscle activation & joint mobility
  • Strength & conditioning training: specific and detailed structure that helps build a very effective foundation for health and fitness, leading to more complex sports specific movements
  • Proper cool down: Stretching


  • Complete progress testing so you can accurately measure your improvements
  • 24/7 support in the exclusive online support group (access your coaches and fellow challengers!)
  • All sessions and assessments are run by our highly motivated and experienced Exercise Physiologists
  • Plus an awesome group of supportive people to share your journey!
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Rubix Plyometrics is a unique 12 Week Plyometrics Program, that incorporates strength and conditioning aspects to improve explosive muscular power.

Rubix Plyometrics is a training system that focuses on fast, powerful movements to improve functions of the nervous and muscular system.
Plyometrics are based upon the concept whereby the muscle is stretched (loaded) before it is contracted.

Enhance athletic ability using this form of training system in activities requiring explosive movements such as basketball, soccer, dance, short distance sprinting, high and long jump, volleyball, football.

Each plyometric program is periodised and custom tailored to each individual athlete for sports specific training and event preparation.

Movement Screening and Health Assessment Included.

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