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12 Week 

Plyometrics Program

jump | run | move | faster

athlete development

sports specific power training

giving you the winning edge

An incredible plyometrics program that will improve your

Vertical Leap

explosive power




training for sporting events

nic profile

Nick M

Age: 22

Sport: Basketball

Pos: Small Fwd

Other: Recording artist, vocals, keys

liam platt basketbal profile rubix plyometrics

Liam P

AGE: 30


POS: Point Guard

Other: beast/human, Wollongong hawks, big v

Vertical Leap

Pre: 61cm           

Post: 75cm

Improve +14cm

Vertical Leap

Pre:  82cm           

Post: 100cm

Improve  + 18cm

20m Sprint

Pre: 3.76sec

Post: 3.16sec

Improve - 0.60sec

20m Sprint

Pre: 3.33sec          

Post: 2.95sec

Improve - 0.38sec


Pre: 11.76sec

Post: 10.13sec

Improve - 1.63sec


Pre: 10.23sec           

Post: 9.96sec

Improve  - 0.27sec

rubix plyometrics box jump

Zack S

Age: 22

Sport: Basketball

Pos: Small Fwd

Other: Law Student, crazy hops

Patrick Z profile

Patrick Z

AGE: 29



Other: Aus-China basketball ops, TRANSLATOR, 

Vertical Leap

Pre: 79cm           

Post: 99cm

Improve +20cm

Vertical Leap

Pre: 72cm           

Post: 81cm

Improve+ 9cm

20m Sprint

Pre: 3.59sec

Post: 2.99sec

Improve - 0.60sec

20m Sprint

Pre:   3.83sec          

Post: 3.30sec

Improve - 0.53sec


Pre: 10.29sec

Post: 9.21sec

Improve - 1.08sec


Pre:   11.69sec           

Post:  10.78sec

Improve - 0.91sec

IMG 7854

jump technique training

IMG 7935

explosive power training

IMG 8004

agility & speed workshops

empower health concepts small group class core workout

strength & conditioning

small group exercise empower health concepts rubix plyometrics mobility 2

mobility & flexibility for injury prevention

What you can expect from our 12 week plyometrics program

Athlete fitness testing
  • Individualised sports testing results
  • Identify muscular and limb deficiencies/imbalances 
  • Athlete fitness ratings relevant to your sport, age & gender
Movement Screen
  • Movement screen assessment
  • Identify the root cause of dysfunction to improve movement biomechanics
Small Group Class

  • 1 hr duration small group classes
  • Proper warm up: muscle activation & joint mobilisation
  • Strength & conditioning training: specific & detailed structure that helps build a very effective foundation for health & fitness leading to more complex sports specific movements.
  • Proper cool down & stretching
  • Complete progress testing so you can accurately measure your improvements
  • 24/7 support in the exclusive online support group (access your coaches and fellow challengers)
  • All sessions & assessments are run by our highly motivated and experienced Exercise Physiologists
  • Plus an awesome group of supportive people to share your journey
Cisco profile rubix plyometrics jump run fitness

Francisco T

Age: 39

Sport: Basketball

Pos: point guard

Other: funk Soul singer, business owner, cheeky 

Samy rubix plyometrics basketball program

Samy M

AGE: 35


POS: Shooting guard

Other: podcast "4-point play", father, team captain

Vertical Leap

Pre: 64cm           

Post: 77cm

Improve +13cm

Vertical Leap

Pre:  72cm           

Post: 80cm

Improve  +8cm

20m Sprint

Pre: 3.98sec

Post: 2.94sec

Improve - 1.04sec

20m Sprint

Pre: 3.49sec          

Post: 3.00sec

Improve - 0.49sec


Pre: 11.30sec

Post: 11.13sec

Improve - 0.17sec


Pre: 11.93sec           

Post: 10.09sec

Improve  - 1.84sec

bill profile

Bill H

Age: 32

Sport: Basketball/soccer

Pos: forward / centre mid field

Other: electrician, Father, viking beard 

daniel e

Daniel Ella

AGE: 28

SPORT: Basketball

POS: Shooting guard

Other: Runs prahran summer jam, 50-point beast

Vertical Leap

Pre: 59cm           

Post: 65cm

Improve +6cm

Vertical Leap

Pre:  71cm           

Post: 82cm

Improve  +11cm

20m Sprint

Pre: 3.43sec

Post: 2.94sec

Improve - 0.50sec

20m Sprint

Pre: 3.76sec          

Post: 3.18sec

Improve - 0.58sec


Pre: 11.30sec

Post: 11.13sec

Improve - 0.17sec


Pre: 10.80sec           

Post: 10.11sec

Improve  - 0.69sec

"It's one of the best things I've done for my health"

This program really helped me get my fitness & confidence back since my injury. It's one of the best things I've done for my health. Major benefits from this program I feel are the explosive movements & stretching that keep me at my peak, and prevention of injuries

IMG 8004

Nima Sobhani

- Basketball Coach

- Yarra Wildbeasts, Collingwood Allstars, Helping Hoops

"Helps you take it to the next level"

“Rubix plyometrics helped me take it to the next level that 10-15%. If you're thinking of joining, jump online get involved in this very inspiring and effective program"

matt campbell handball Australia world games

Matt Campbell

- Professional Athlete

- Australian Beach Handball Team

- Osteopath

rubix basketball team champions plyometrics

an awesome group of supportive people to share your journey with

rubix plyometrics basketball group classes athlete development
rubix plyometrics post workout group exercise

our community of hard working & passionate athletes

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